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a little about me

Travel is Everywhere

I'm a hopeless wanderluster who finds great joy in creating memorable trips for fellow adventure seekers!

my favorite things:


travel spot

I come alive whenever I'm near the ocean or sea—anywhere and everywhere.


happy place

Hanging out with Lunas, my dog. He is just the best. And traveling—whether it's a domestic road trip, discovering my region, or going overseas—doesn't have to be far away. Travel, adventure, and learning are always within reach!


sweet treat

Sticky toffee pudding is a dessert I never pass up, and I'm on a personal mission to find the best one!


drink of choice

In the words of UB40... 'Red, red wine!' There's nothing better than sharing a bottle among friends, whether in town or out.


travel accessory

I never leave home on a trip without a good, small day backpack or my head torch.


part of my job

That moment when i realize i just helped someone take the trip of their dreams! There's nothing quite like it.

about you

My clients are seekers of adventure, lovers of travel, with a taste for culture and a touch of wanderlust in their hearts. 

If you're someone who loves a good adventure and can't wait to uncover new places, you're the perfect fit for me! You appreciate tailor-made experiences and trust in the expertise of a travel pro to make your trips truly special. Exploring hidden gems, savoring local flavors, and diving into different cultures are what excite you, making every journey a one-of-a-kind adventure to remember.

Does this sound like you?
I'm here to help!


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